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Working in Virginia State Government

Do you want a career or job with purpose that is connected with a strong mission?

Working for Virginia state government means working with others who care about making a difference in our communities across the Commonwealth. It is about providing programs, creating infrastructure, and working with people to provide services and programs to Virginia’s citizens. It is about making Virginia the best – the best place for business, the best place to visit, and the best place to live!

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Why Work For Us?

Top 5 reasons for choosing a career in Virginia State Government

  1. People– the opportunity to work with talented, caring, and committed co-workers.
  2. Career Opportunities – opportunities to move up, laterally, or in just about any other direction!
  3. Work-Life Balance – ability to work alternate schedules, telework, and have time away from work for family and personal interests and needs.
  4. Benefits – an excellent package of benefits to help you take care of you and your family.
  5. Location – state government careers exist in locations across the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Job Type Options

State government employment also offers several job type options to fit your work-life interests and needs. You can find opportunities that are….

  •   full-time
  •   quasi-full-time (30-39.9 hours/week)
  •   part-time (20-29 hours/week)
  •   hourly/temporary
  •   internships

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Are you a Veteran?

Virginia is committed to veterans! View Veterans’ Hiring Resources here!

We Have Something for You!

  •   Are you interested in a career in law enforcement?

  •   Do you have a strong desire to provide healthcare services and improve quality of life?

  •   Are you skilled with technology?

  •   Do you have strengths in providing exceptional customer service?

Working in state government provides avenues for a wide variety of careers. In fact, you can find almost any type of career across state government agencies!

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Unique & Compelling Jobs

State government includes a wide range of career and job opportunities including many unique and compelling jobs like these!

Non-Game Biologist

Research and protect Virginia’s non-game species and endangered species.

Museum Educator

Work with teens to encourage a deeper engagement in STEM disciplines through a hands-on, maker-based environment.

Career Navigator

Provide guidance and support to empower high school students to make informed post-secondary career and educational plans.

Data Scientist

Manage traffic congestion, reliability, and trend analysis programs and evaluate leading trends and innovations in big data.

Information Security Officer

Manage information security activities in risk management , resource provisioning, disaster planning & recovery, application security, incident management, data preservation, user training, and physical security.


Support public health through disease surveillance and investigation, rapid response to disease outbreaks, and education of healthcare professionals and the public about communicable diseases.

Employment Fast Facts

State government employees work across the Commonwealth: 69% work in locations like Northern Virginia, Tidewater, Roanoke, and other locations while 31% work in Virginia’s Capital, Richmond.

Virginia state government is one of the largest employers in Virginia with over 100,000 salaried employees and 21,000 temporary employees

Over half of all salaried employees in the Executive Branch of Virginia state government work in the Education Secretariat

Jobs Across The State Government Branches

Virginia state government provides programs and services across 90+ Executive Branch and Independent Agencies, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Learn more here:

About Living In Virginia

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