Virginia Jobs

Hiring Resources for Military Veterans and their Spouses

The Executive Branches of the Commonwealth of Virginia prides itself on its commitment to recruiting, hiring and retaining Veterans and their spouses. Our Executive Branch Agencies are charged with achieving the (V3) Virginia Values Veterans Employer Certification. To learn more about V3, click here.

Below, you will find information on the Veterans Hiring Preference, resources for military spouses and other information to assist you on becoming an employee of the Commonwealth.

Roles in the Commonwealth

The list below includes a sample of roles available in the Commonwealth.

  • Admin and Office Spec II
  • Admin and Office Spec III
  • Direct Service Associate II
  • Direct Service Associate III
  • Engineering Technician III
  • Environmental Specialist I
  • Info Technology Specialist II
  • Info Technology Specialist III
  • Law Enforcement Manager I
  • Law Enforcement Officer II
  • Law Enforcement Officer III
  • Probation Officer I
  • Prog Admin Specialist I
  • Prog Admin Specialist II
  • Security Manager I
  • Security Officer III
  • Security Officer IV
  • Trades Technician III
  • Trades Technician IV
  • Transportation Operator II

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